small paintings on paper

“These small 4x6” and 6x6” oil and alkyd on cold press paper are the product of various studio practices that both familiarize me with a painting composition that I wanted to do, and have also served as a ritual of practice, much like scales on an instrument or vocal warm-ups for singers. 

The past couple of years while dealing with family issues, I was unable to do much in the studio. Many of these were my attempt to bring myself back to some measure of competency by practicing over and over the elements of simple rendering and color with these small pieces.

The technique on these is completely different than the layered and glazed process I use on the regular panel paintings. These are mostly done in one sitting, in much the same way as plein air is done. Wet in wet, no over-glazing. They give me a very good idea of how the abstract components will relate to each other very quickly. They are also in a square format, because the little blocks of watercolor paper I had were that size or an even longer rectangle than I would want.”

The ones I have picked out are in various states of development, some very sketchy, some much more finished. I have taken a lot of them and added paint here and there to bring some to a higher level of finish before putting them up. I have a sizeable box of them, and it will take some time to sort through and process all of them.

The finished frame size is 12x12” and 10x12”.

They look quite nice in some simple custom frames I found for them, and the price will be for framed or unframed, and free insured shipping anywhere in the U.S.”

Marc Bohne